Paper Publications: More than 40 Research Papers published


PhD Guided: 05


PhD Pursuing: 09

Three patent published by the faculties.

Prof. A. K. Patel

  • Universal Centrifugal Casting Machine”  202121056480,, Applied on 06/12/2021, Published on : 17/12/2021

Prof. A. D. Patel

  • Multicutter Groove Cutting Machine (MGCM)” 202121012147, Applied on 22/3/21, Published on 26/3/2021
  • Two-Piece Plus Type Cruci-Trap Welded Joint (CTWJ)”, 202121022448,Applied on 19/5/21, Published on 25/6/2021

Prof. P. N. Boka

  • Solar Distillation Apparatus with Bottom Reflector”, 347409-001, Published on 06/08/2021.

Prof. S. K. Dabhi

  • Eco Green Titanium Dioxide Photolytic Catalytic Converter”, 202121002423, Published on 12/02/2021.

Teaching with Physical Experience for Enhancing skill and awareness of Safety as well as Industrial Environment in workshop laboratory done under the guidance of Dr.J.A.Vadher. 


“Engine Assembly workshop” arranged for 6 th mechanical student under the subject I. C. Engine (2161902) on 28/02/2020.