Student Section

Student Section and GTU Related Services

The primary objective of the student section is to guide the students for their various kinds of activities seeking from the institution such as college fee payment, enrollment, examination, scholarship, anti ragging, student grievance, student affairs and certifications. Section performed following activities for the students.

  • Student admission (ACPC, MHRD, ICCR etc.) and cancellation.
  • Activity related to Collection of college fee.
  • Enrollment with GTU.
  • Collection of Semester/Exam fees.
  • Conducting Semester Theory and Practical Exam as per GTU schedule.
  • Issuance of various academic certificates.
  • Distribution of grade cards and provisional degree certificates.
  • Education document verification
  • Anti-ragging affidavits from the students
  • To carry out Scholarship related activities for the OBC, SC and ST students. The Section also offers services for various government scholarship schemes such as MYSY, NPS and Digital Gujarat Portal.
  • To issue Smart I-Cards to all eligible enrolled students
  • To certify public transports Concessional pass forms for ST/AMTS/BRTS/ Railways services.
  • Student transfer related activity.
  • To provides services to the students for their need of endorsements for various requirements from the institute.
  • Review of student grievance and Student Affairs.
  • To avail NAMO E-Tablet for first year admitted student
  • Provide data related to students to other sections.
Sr.No.Name of Faculty/ StaffDepartmentPosition in SectionContact Number
1Prof.D.A.PatelGeneralConvener (GTU)9904542697
2Prof. S.K.DabhiMechanicalConvener (SS)9904884530
4Prof. S.L.ModiMiningMember9905819939
5Prof. R.B.ChaudhariElectricalMember7621985818
6Prof.N.R.KotiaCivil Engg.Member9974006572
7Prof. R.H.ChaudharyGeneralMember (SS)9925029215

Application Form for Certificate:

Read the following instructions carefully before filling the details in the form:

  1. Fill details in google form using or scan given QR Code.

  1. If the application is for CHARACTER CERTIFICATE then get it recommended byconcerned head ofthe department.

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