Student Welfare

To establish purposeful interaction with students, their welfare and inspiration of talented students, the committee has been formed which is known as Students’ Kalyan Fund Committee.

Sr. No.OfficerDesignation in SWC
1Prof. A. D. Patel, Mechanical DepartmentCoordinator
2Office In charge, ScholarshipCommittee Member
3Office In charge, Student SectionCommittee Member
4Account OfficerAccount Officer
5Mr. Kamal Kant SainiStudent Member

1. Financial assistance to the orphan/one that is without protective affiliation & sponsorship.
            a. In case of death of father & mother both, Rs.5000/- per year lump sum amount will be given to the student.
            b. In case of death of father only, student is only eligible under this category if his mother’s income is not enough to survive.

2. Financial assistance for seminar and conferences.
           It includes registration and other fee spent for seminar or conference. It does not includes TA & DA.

3. Honorium to expert speakers/trainers for student development/welfare.

            a. Seminar / Talks arranged for the purpose of student welfare.
            b. Training to group of students to brighten their specific talent.

As a honorium Rs.1500/- will be given to expert for each session.


1. Fill the application form in prescribed format.
2. Write the objective number from Annexure – I. e.g. 1(a), 2(b), etc…
3. Attach required documents as per the objective you applied for.
4. Submit application to the Prof. A. D. Patel, Faculty Coordinator, Students’ welfare committee within given time limit.
5. Student has to provide written reference of at least one staff member from his/her department of any cadre.
6. Incomplete application will be rejected.
7. All the contributions to the fund will be deposited in any branch of a nationalized bank as Savings Bank Account only. No cash dealing.
8. All money transactions will be made by the Accountant, administrative department.
9. If any irregularity in academic activity or in-disciplinary action will be noted against student, he/she has to refund the amount immediately in cash

Application Form